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We have polymer bank notes for sale which takes into consideration security features that are not available on paper money. Polymer money is money made from synthetic polymers . The most common polymer used in making a polymer bill is polypropylene.

we have a variety of polymer banks notes available for sale and shipping in many countries. Our top countries include

polymer bank notes in india,polymer bank notes in uk,polymer bank notes in Australia,polymer bank notes in USA, polymer bank notes in Canada ,polymer bank notes in switzerland .

Polymer bank notes have a polyuethane varnish applied on it which prevent the polymer bill from being damaged with water.

Polymer money is a better option for money as it comes with some Unique features and characteristics. we have a collection of Australian polymer money for sale among others available for sale . You can buy your polymer money from us and get it shipped to your destination as soon as possible. Shipping to Australia and USA is done same day for any bill bought including polymer bills. Let us get through some of the uniqueness of these new generation bills aka polymer money

  1. Polymer money is durable: This means that they can last longer than paper money . It is said that polymer bank notes can last 2.5 times than paper bank notes. There are made of plastic (in basic terms). This makes the polymer less susceptible to damage by water or accidental tear. All the polymer money we have for sale meet this unique characteristic.

2. Polymer bank notes are the environmental version of money . They can easily be recycled to produce other plastic items compared to paper money that is destroyed and disposed when damaged. Environmental friendly polymer money can be bought online here at the best price

3. Polymer notes are made up of plastic. As such there are cleaner than paper notes. They can easily be cleaned if they get dirty. The bank of England reported that polymer money cannot easily carry bacteria and viruses. This is why polymer money for sale is being searched now . Thus polymer bills are a better replacement to the traditional paper bank notes.

4. Even though producing polymer money is more expensive than paper money, polymer bank notes in all are more cost effective than paper money. This is explained by the fact that polymer bank notes are more durable. They can last longer than paper money and cannot be easily destroyed. Thus compensates for its production.

We have the best deals for polymer notes or polymer money as well as paper money in our catalog . We prefer large scale orders when it comes to polymer notes. The polymer banks notes for sale are of top quality . we have polymer money produced by the central bank as well as we have undetectable counterfeits polymer which are available for sale. in placing your order, kindly precise which version you want depending on your budget.

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