How to Make Prop Money That Looks Real


Hello to all looking to make fake money with a paper, In today’s tutorials of making fake money, we are going to step down from our sophisticated way to make fake one to a very easy way to make counterfeits by using we’re going to be showing you how to turn regular printer paper into realistic looking money. It can be USD, GBP, EURO, or any other currency of your choice.

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Requirements to make Fake money that Looks Real

  1. A ream of paper
  2. straight paper cutter
  3. tan
  4. Die
  5. rubber bands
  6. Printer

Procedure in making Fake Money That Looks Real

The first thing to do is to create a template for the size of the stack. For example the united states banknote is 15.5 centimeters by 6.66 centimeters.

 It should fit four on a piece of paper and it should look like this so once you’ve made your templates you can make a few photocopies of them and settle on the side in case you need it.

Take a stack of printer paper put your template on top of it and cut out your bills since you won’t be seeing the middle bills.

 It’s not necessary to print anything on the insides so notch over your middle pieces cut it’s time to cut the fronts and the backs of your stack so notice on an actual dollar bill.

 The printing doesn’t cover the entire note so you’re going to want to print your images a little bit smaller than that measurement we gave you earlier.

Make sure your lines go all the way to the ends please be safe while cutting the paper.

 Take your front back and line them up with the middle sheets so that it looks like you have an entire stack of hundred dollar bills.

Dying the Money

 The next thing is prepare to die to turn this white money the color of actual money.

The first thing to do is to take a large mixing bowl and fill it most of the way with water.

Poured in about a third of a bottle of tan Philippines, put half teaspoon of green food coloring and a quarter teaspoon of yellow food coloring.

This will give us the exact look we want to make realistic fake money.

 After playing around with your mixture until you get into spray the next step is to dip your money in the dye and make sure you use tongs or it will stain your hands and once you’ve done that your money is complete so there you have it realistic prop money.

 NB: money produced by this method can be used to buy in shops and might not pass the UV test. For a better way to produce fake money that can pass the UV test check out this post.

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