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Fake Money, Fake Borders, Real People

I have no binds to a political party. I find myself neither Democratic, Republican, Conservative, nor liberal.

Politicians remind me of preachers. They shout words that fall on deaf ears and preach a message that many “amen” after hearing, but very few apply to real life.

So, where do I pledge my political allegiance?


I pledge my allegiance to the people. I see no race, no religion, no political parties and no borders.

We are all people.

When bullets brought down Malaysian Flight 17, the social networks, news and media, exploded with excitement. We tweeted, blogged, liked, shared and pinned, any article or video that voiced our own views and racism. (Yes, racism.) Then, we waited for the next post as if it was another clue for mastering the plan behind the conspiracy and chaos.

We did the same thing when the Pakistani Taliban murdered 132 children. It took less than 24 hours for the hashtag to stop trending. That made me contemplate how many people groan, complain and debate, shake their heads and raise their fists. Then, do absolutely nothing to help make changes.

I couldn’t help but wonder how that number would compare to the number of people who actually speak out, defend and protect one another. Then, make a point to get involved in and make a difference.

Angry debates over political agendas, social media rants and mudslinging at politicians, are nothing but opinion, noise and speculation.

Good for causing a scene —
ineffective in making a difference.

When we watch the news, how do we know if the information we’re receiving is factual? Where do we get our information? Our television and online.

Who controls the content? Who says if it is or is not allowed on air? The law governed by those in power who rank higher than the people.

We don’t care. If Twitter or Facebook said it, we buy the hype, spread the word, rally the troops and blame Obama!

Meanwhile, as we’re misplacing the blame and tossing our allegations around, there’s a real threat running rampant.

It’s Us

The threat that is looming over every country in the world is people.

We are walking around in a world filled with ammunition and pretending that nothing is wrong.

We’re silent enemies masked as lovers—
sleeping with guns.

When tragedy strikes our nation, I listen closely to the people as they express their opinions and fears.

When tragedy strikes a foreign country, I listen even closer to the hearts and the words of the American people. When we hear of terrorism, murder and war, happening in those countries, all of the sudden we’re reminded to protect ourselves.

We begin begin to advocate for border control and debate religion, morals and money. We only stop to lend a hand for one reason:

It impacts our imports and exports—
our money.

The more people, the bigger the nation. But we have guns as locks instead and our feet firmly planted. It’s petty. Before we drew our lines in the sand, stood behind them and declared them as borders, we were all the same:

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