Setting Up Your Counterfeit Money Business


Making Fake money is not a very easy task. You are actually doing something that the state has to do. To make fake money. You need to make sure you are in a safe location.

Back in 2006 there was a Counterfeit money ring caught . The Guangdong police in China busted a counterfeit money ring, arresting eight suspects. Fake renminbi bills, totaling a hundred million yuan or about twelve point five million US dollars, were found at a deserted plastic processing factory. Police also seized counterfeiting machines, such as printers and papercutters. And they found 26 pieces of film for making fake money at the hotel the suspects were staying in.

These are some of the reasons you find most fake bill traders keeping their locations anonymous.

If you are into the fake bill business your loaction should not be around an arear with many CCTV. Keep your printers in a dark room . Make sure your equipments are veery safe and make sure you are never connected on the internet with the computer you use in designing .

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