High-quality counterfeit money: Australia

Best Counterfeits is here to let you spend lavishly in Australia. Once you get your hands on the notes from our store, you will never go for another supplier. We couple our expertise with cutting edge technologies to ensure a steady flow of top-notch fake Australian dollars. Grab as many bills as you need to afford everything your heart desires. 

Our designers manufacture the AUD bucks that can’t be told from real ones. That’s because we put all the required security features on them, including:

  • foil elements 
  • watermarks 
  • authentic serial numbers 
  • genuine-like stripes 

When producing camouflage bills, we have an eye for details. First-class materials matter. We don’t print AUD dollars relying on stationery of poor-quality. On the contrary, we make use of the cotton paper and color-changing inks. Thus our dollars are close to those issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia. 


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