Fake Money and Change


The last part of our Fake money abstracted from this article comes with money


Our economy is unstable as it is; we have no money and no resources to support this influx. So why do it?

Well, there is the obvious and small (huge) factor of people. We can’t afford the influx caused by immigration? Bullshit. We have no money? Bullshittoo!

Our money is paper. It’s the same as Monopoly money. Except, we looked at our fake 10s, 20s, & 100s, deemed them necessary and declared them valuable. Now, we distribute the funds as we see necessary or fit.

We determined we needed currency to thrive. Now, we choke on the fear that money is only way to triumph over the economic landslide that’s become of our Monopoly board.

We can’t afford more people? Wrong. We’ll just print more money!

It’s just that you and I won’t see it or even be informed. We’ll continue to be told how the sky is falling, the world is ending, war is coming, and the end is near.

Then, we will do exactly as predicted and needed so that those who govern our nation can maintain the guise of control — live in fear.

One monstrous, manipulative clusterfuck of a carnival,
and we just keep buying a ticket to the show!

We, the people.

It’s time to realize it takes more than unfounded accusations, passionate opinions, social media and exploitation, to create real changes.

It takes abandoning our personal preferences, judgement and pride. It takes willingness. courage and conversation. It takes action.

We would destroy ourselves with our very
own hands, before we would allow our financial
or economic demise to come at the hands
of another country.

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