ATM Quality Fake Money Orders


ATM QUALITY FAKE MONEY. Video demonstration of fake and workability.
Banknotes $ 100 and € 100 for the price of 10%! That is, $ 100 = $ 10 / € 100 = € 10
DHL delivery to any country in the world. Payment Bitcoin.
In the video reviews, we show the fact of counterfeit banknotes and their performance in validating banking machines.
We sell only wholesale lots starting from 1000 banknotes. Thus, $ 100,000 will cost you $ 10,000 / or € 100,000 = € 10,000
Messages about the detection of counterfeit money that appear from year to year in different cities of the country have already become traditional. Systematic waves of infusion of “fake” rubles outside the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, cases of calculating fake banknotes in the subway, palm-offs of counterfeit currency at small private exchange points are only a small part of the most frequent news about “pseudo-money”. And recently, more and more frequent cases of posting ads on the sale of foreign exchange counterfeits have been added. learned what prices for paper copies of original banknotes are set by “black” sellers on the Internet, which banknotes are most often “cloned” and how to distinguish a fake from the original.

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